Breakfast in Manufaktura

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure it's the best. The restaurateurs of Manufaktura come to the rescue, who have made sure that the breakfast offer is diverse - the menu includes flavors of Polish, European and even Latin American cuisine!

Rajskie Jadło
Known for its traditional Polish cuisine, the Rajskie Jadło restaurant has recently undergone a major metamorphosis - not only the interior of the restaurant has changed, but also the entire menu. From now on, Rajski's offer also includes breakfast options. Fans of Polish flavors will surely find something for themselves - scrambled eggs with bacon, cottage cheese, grilled frankfurters, but also dishes with a twist, e.g. bagels with fried eggs or butter croissants accompanied by fruit and chocolate mousse. For breakfast you can choose fresh, aromatic coffee. The breakfast offer is valid daily from 9-12.
The Zielona Restaurant, in turn, will take care of the palates of plant-based cuisine enthusiasts. Vegetarian and vegan recipes of their chefs have already conquered many green hearts! The breakfast offer includes French omelette with cottage cheese and a mix of fruits, burrito with smoked tofu, aromatic ajvar and fresh vegetables or tofu with chives and fried seitan.
Szpulka's chefs were one of the first in Manufaktura to introduce a breakfast offer, which has been very popular for years. With the garden season approaching, there is a perfect opportunity to sit comfortably in their garden and enjoy your favorite dishes. Early birds in Szpulka are waiting for m.in. breakfast bowl with slices of bacon, blanched broccoli, edamame beans and vegetables, sweet bao buns with chocolate-nut cream with mascarpone and cherry jam, or a classic: breakfast a'la Szpulka, i.e. frankfurters, bacon, fried eggs and grilled vegetables in accompanied by fresh, aromatic bread.
However, if you are tired of traditional flavors, it is worth directing your steps to the mainstay of Cuban culture and cuisine in Łódź, i.e. the Manuarte restaurant. The place teeming with Latin music and flavors enchants from the moment you cross the threshold - wooden, colonial furniture, lush palm trees and vegetation, and finally also Cuban accessories - all this takes you straight to the golden sands of the island. Manuarte's chefs will welcome you not only with hot snacks or desserts full of exotic combinations, but also with original breakfasts. Among them you can find e.g. grilled ciabatta with chorizo, pickled cucumber, onion, arugula and mozzarella, la redona tortillas with feta cheese, tomatoes and colorful peppers, and a dry omelette with ripening ham and mushrooms.

RAJSKIE JADŁO daily from 9-12 For each breakfast, coffee for PLN 10, and with the password "MANUFAKTURA" coffee for PLN 1.
SZPULKA from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12 Breakfasts from PLN 29.90.
MANUARTE daily from 10 a.m-1 p.m. Grilled ciabatta with three sauces:
 • with chorizo, pickled cucumber, onion, arugula and mozzarella - PLN 39
 • with pork cheek and pancetta, pickled cucumber, onion, arugula and mozzarella - PLN 42
 • with marinated beef, pickled cucumber, red onion, arugula and
 • mozzarella - PLN 29
 • vegetarian with cheddar, pickled cucumber, colorful peppers, avocado, arugula and mozzarella - PLN 29
Tortilla la redonda with mozzarella, chorizo, colorful peppers, onions and arugula - PLN 38
Tortilla la redonda with feta cheese, tomatoes, colorful peppers, onions and arugula - PLN 38
Scrambled eggs or poached eggs (2 pcs) with grilled bacon, salad with arugula and cherry tomatoes, ciabatta - PLN 29
Dry omelette with ripening ham and mushrooms, arugula and cherry tomatoes salad - PLN 32
Pancakes with cherries and whipped cream - PLN 25
Desayundo de Fidel, fried eggs (2 pcs), beans with chorizo ​​and tomatoes, grilled bacon, mushrooms, arugula and tomato salad, ciabatta - PLN 36
ZIELONA from Monday to Friday from 10-12,
from Saturday to Sunday from 10-13
Breakfasts at 22-30 PLN